Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show 2006

Our 2006 Show Garden at MIFGS is my most favourite for which we were awarded a bronze medal. Our garden also won the 'Best Night Lighting' award.

'Hortulus Scrupulosus' is a garden that can transpose easily from an urban situation to a rural setting.  The stony surface gives a certain atmosphere of starkness, perhaps arid disorder, in structured surrounds.

It is a gardener's garden where the natural elements of gravel and stone, which form the structure of the garden, are softened using a beautiful selection of flowering and foliage plants in warm autumnal tones. The main features are a spectacular hand forged iron screen that adds an artistic element to the garden, beautiful drystone walls of Castlemaine stone, and the subtle focal point, a copper water feature in the central pond, designed by Prue Metcalfe.

With stone and pebble as its theme, the garden contains all the elements of a quality garden design; changes in levels, balance of materials, a focal point, water, framing and a sculptural element for individuality.