Dry Tolerant

This vibrant and hardy garden is featured in a book by Jenna Reed Burns 'Australian Gardens For A Changing Climate.

We took on the challenge of transforming this barren, diificult garden into a beautiful piece of paradise that is not only colourful and a haven for bird life and grandchildren, but is more importantly water conscious.

The most noticeable element of the finished garden giving it the extra WOW! factor is the vibrant blue fences and pergola, which is quite a feature. This extra colour was chosen to link in with the water feature, a gift to the client from close freinds, as well as creating a dramatic backdrop to the planting scheme.

Prue A planting scheme of dry tolerant plants for both shady and sunny areas was chosen. A colour scheme of blue, yellow and orange flowers with silver, burgundy and green foliage was selected for vibrancy and contrast. The plant types selected are succulents, silver foliaged plants, Meditteranean plants and some natives all chosen for their hardiness in dry conditions.