Modern Classic

The clients began the landscape process with wanting a simple makeover of their garden which then led to a renovation and extension of the house and a complete redesign of the back garden.

The clients wishes were for water, trees and lawn, and all the garden to be viewed from the new kitchen and patio.

To achieve the clean, simple feel of the garden the site needed to be leveled. The expanse of lawn now abutts the back patio steps, an arbour frames the northern side and the rear and southern fencelines are framed with a hedge of Blueberry Ash.

The focal point of the garden both day and night is the central pond sunken into the lawn.

A self confessed non gardener, the client imagined she would get most pleasure viewing the garden from the house, but the garden steps leading down to the back gate are now the clients favourite part of the garden where she sits contemplatively with her cup of coffee and paper.