• Initial consultations.
  • Concept design.
  • Scaled master plan, incorporating a planting plan.
  • Hand coloured plan.


Design involves a six-step process:

1. Initial Consultation

The initial consultation is where we meet with you on site,in your existing garden, discuss the design of your garden, and share ideas as to the possibilities for your garden.  During this key step in the design process we take into consideration many vital factors including:

  • Site details - including shape, aspect, soil type, slope, water, irrigation, drainage, and existing and neighbouring vegetation, features and structures.  It may be necessary to have a lighting plan, irrigation plan and drainage plan.  This will be discussed with you during the initial consultation, and if required, will be factored into your proposal.
  • Your lifestyle - family, children, pets… What do you wish to use your space for?
  • Things important to you - style, colour, maintenance… Do you have a theme in mind?
  • Your budget - so we design your garden with your budget in mind.
  • It will be helpful at this stage to have photos, magazine articles, architectural plans, and any other information that will portray the style and feel you wish for your outdoor space.

2. Proposal

A proposal is then sent to you.  It outlines what has been discussed in the initial consultation, what will be provided, and the design fee.  To accept the proposal you must return a signed copy, including the initial payment, before the design work can commence.

3. Concept Design

Based on information obtained from the initial consultation, we then prepare the concept design.  Any survey or architectural plans will be helpful at this stage. The concept is not detailed, rather a draft or outline of the master plan, and allows for your feedback.It is a scaled drawing and includes all the ideas we have discussed in our initial meeting as well as my own design ideas in a practical and creative way. It may include:

  • Overall intended theme of your garden.
  • Layout of your garden - entertaining area, service area, pathways, lawn, and garden beds.
  • Plant variety - structure, texture, shape, and contrast, to suit the theme, house style and colour.
  • Surface materials and finished surfaces.
  • Retaining walls…
  • Water features, pool, and pond…
  • Lighting.
  • Structures.
  • Ornaments, sculptural features and pots…
  • Drainage and irrigation.

4. Second Consultation

Our second consultation with you allows for a review of the concept design. During the initial consultation you may choose to begin with just the concept design. During this consultation we will:

  • Walk you through the concept design, noting any alterations accordingly. As an example, we may discuss specific finished materials, lighting, irrigation, and features and pots.
  • Discuss construction materials with you.
  • Discuss plant details with you, including positioning of plants or plant groups.
  • Ensure your key requirements have been captured appropriately.

5. Master Plan

The master plan is then created.  It is a detailed design, based on the outcomes of our discussion during the second consultation.  In producing the master plan for your garden we:

  • Produce a scaled hard landscaping design, incorporating details of construction materials, and features.
  • Produce a scaled planting design with plant list.
  • Produce, subject to details of your proposal, a lighting plan, irrigation plan and drainage plan.
  • Plant culture notes may be requested - these notes will give you a greater appreciation of the plants and related maintenance.

6. Final Consultation

Our final consultation with you allows for the final review of the master plan of your garden.  During this consultation we will:

  • Hand over the scaled, master plan, including details of construction materials, planting plan and plant list.
  • A final walk through of the master design, answering your remaining questions.