French Inspired

This is one of my favourite gardens. It is a most beautiful garden imbuing tranquility and timelessness. It is a garden designed and built with passion.

The initial design began in 2003 where the client was looking for direction in developing a garden based around a swimming pool and a stunning and very mature Pin Oak. He had an inkling of the style and feeling he wanted to create but needed encouragement and direction. Over the next five years after countless conversations, consultations, sketches and a client career change (to horticulture as a result of discovering a passion for design and plants), this garden has been created by the hands of its owner. Its details will, no doubt, always be in a state of change, which makes it an exciting garden to be involved with. The underlying essence of the garden will, however, always be felt upon entering it and when moving through its many rooms.

The garden has very strong French influences; strength and simplicity in its structure, formality, simplicity in planting, and beautiful focal points that recede and advance throughout the day and throughout the seasons.

The front gravel garden is hidden from the street by a Lily Pily hedge, but glimpses can be obtained through the ornamental wrought iron gate. Walking through the arbour along the entry path the garden unfolds. The plant palette is simple, but it is the combination of texture and colour that works so well. There are also many resting spots from which to admire the garden.

The rear garden consists of 6 rooms. Each room has a different feel and purpose, all bound by hedges, but all connect well together. There is the pool, the parterre, the reflection garden, the alfresco courtyard, the wall fountain courtyard and the bell fountain garden. Some are for resting or entertaining in and some are merely a space that is passed through to get to another room.

It is a stunningly beautiful and tranquil garden to visit.